New year, no promises

It's a new year, and while some might be inclined to make resolutions and plans, not me. I'm more interested in hopes, aspirations, and taking steps forward, wherever forward might turn out to lead. I'm also a bit superstitious, and tend to find personal plans to be a bit like birthday wishes: you keep them to yourself or they won't come true.

But on the theme of hope: I finally entered this year of painting with a small series (six as of this writing, may grow larger yet) of painted variants, literally on HOPE. Much of what is going on (especially in this country) is highly troubling, so it is hope that keeps me working.

A quick note on technique: Using an oil-based marker, I inscribe the letters on the canvas, then stain it with transparent acrylic paint, because I find little more daunting than a white canvas. The color of the acrylic paint may be reflected in the final painting, or it may be completely obliterated and forgotten as the piece evolves.