Concept Result trimmed.jpg
Unfolding: Bar 1
Unfold in progress A.jpg
Unfolding: small pieces
yellow to green 1 sm.jpg
green to blue 1 sm.jpg
Small pieces framed
Unfolding (Large)
 Over a collage base of choral sheet music, this piece implies meanings through the use of numerals, profiles, and symbols, but remains mute (24 in/61 cm square).
 This piece may not be finished, but includes my birth year along with my handprint and a variety of acrylic and oil textures and elements. (30 in/76 cm square)
 Few of my pieces come about because I knew exactly what I was going to do, and this is not one of them. I’m sure I flatter myself to see a little Saul Bass in this smaller drawing-like canvas (24x18 in/61x46 cm).
 Although heavily influenced by the Bay Area Figurative artists (in particular Joan Brown), I feel pretty good about this piece as an honest and authentic work from this point in my career. But it’s probably not finished. (acrylic 30in / 76cm square)
 This is very much a crossover piece between this Handprint series and some more general experimental pieces (below). It combines oxidized iron paint (rust), collaged printed sheet music, cold wax oil, and acrylic paints. (30in/76cm square)
 A rare-for-me drawing-like painting. Collage, crayon, graphite, and acrylic. (30x24 inches/76x61 cm)
 An early experiment with modeling paste letters in two directions finished with iron oxide paint (8 in/20 cm square canvas)
 A small series of six 8 in/20 cm textured rust pieces on board, finished with cold-wax oil (see below) and framed in pine. $100 each.
Augury 1 sm.jpg
 A key feature of working with cold wax medium is the ability to scratch through and reveal prior layers of color. DMZ (12 in/30cm square)
 I call this one Alcea (oil, acrylic, and wax on board, 16x10 in / 41x25 cm). Below, you can see the texture in raking light.
Alcea raking sm.jpg
 A larger piece in oil and cold wax, called We Don’t Need Alabaster. (30in / 76cm square)
 Occasionally paintings come easy. Not this one.  Parde. (oil and wax on canvas, 36in / 91cm square)
 This piece, called Kirin, was inspired by a beautiful photograph taken by a longtime friend. Above, the raking light emphasizes the incised texture, and below, studio light shows the color. (12 in/30cm square)
Kirin sm.jpg
 Frontier (12 in/30 cm square) is shown here in raking light with a shadow at top right.
 The texture for the black base derives from the mesh bag holding a bunch of Mandarin oranges, and it telegraphs through the layers of oil paint and cold wax. Cuties (12 in/30 cm square).
 And sometimes I go back to drawing. Circles and parabolas. Acrylic, crayon, and mica on board (16” / 40cm square).
 Or some proportioning. (acrylic and crayon on canvas, 30x24 in / 76x61 cm)
 Or an obscure reference to college days in Paris. château des rentiers, a smallish mixed-media piece on board (12” / 30cm square).
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